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The Marx Brothers

The Finale

Enter Men singing Richman, Poorman Etc. Enter Beauty on barge right. Coming down to centre.

Beauty Gentlemen, the contest is over.

Richman Who wins?

Beauty Well, I have had the thrill of - -

Richman Richman

Chico Poorman

Harpo Whistles

Thief Thief

Doctor Doctor

Groucho Lawyer

Zeppo Merchant

Chief Chief

Beauty But the greatest thrill in life is the thrill of love!

Everybody That's me!

Beauty No, that's the chief!

Company singing "Thrill of Love"

Script source; Library of Congress, Washington.

The Finale changed a bit during the run of "I'll Say She Is". The script in Library of Congress calls the final scene "Oriental" and is as shown to the left.

In the review of the Philadelphia version of the show in Variety in June 1923, Waters mentions "a rather silly comedy number, In the Sheik's Tent" with Baggott and Herbert and that "a fine finishing touch was put on the show by the appearance of the Yerkes Happy Six (augmented to nine) orchestra, which rendered both jazz and semi-classical numbers to the tune of wild applause."

On Broadway, the show had the song A Bit of Tango Jazz, performed by Hazel Gaudreau and Muriel Greel and Nat Martin's Orchestra as Scene 10, and Beauty's Russian Garden, a dance number in four parts as the 11th and last scene. The four parts were:

(a) The Wonderful River with Ruth Urban and Ensemble
(b) Specialty with Hazel Gaudreau
(c) The Blue Tartar with Ledru Stiffler
(d) Marcella Dance with Marcella Hardie.