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The Marx Brothers

The Hypnotist

Scene 7 - Art Curtains

Scene 8 - The Hypnotist

Chico and Edward Metcalfe

Pierrot Dance

Jane Hurd and Helene Bradley

Chico enters through Curtains.

Chico Behold, a mysterious man am I,
Look, I have the hypnotic eye,
I make them sleep, I make them sigh,
I make them wake, I make them cry,
For I am a hypnotist!
Richman enters through Curtains.

Richman I think you're a fake. I don't think you know the first thing about hypnotism. You are supposed to thrill this woman.

Chico I thrill her. I hypnotize this woman. I take her back centuries and centuries. I make her think she is Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, Empress of the World.

Richman Yes, but where does the thrill come in?

Chico Well, she is loved by Francois, Gaston, and Alphonse.

Richman But what about Napoleon?

Chico Napoleon go to the war too much. He no come home enough. Sometimes he come home too quick. That's where the thrill comes in.

[MK: Richman You see while Napoleon is at the front -
Chico They come in at the back.
Richman While Napoleon is fighting at the front, he suddenly remembers his Josephine.
Chico While he is fighting...
Richman Then he comes a rushing...
Chico He went away a Frenchman and came back a Russian. That's what you call hypnotism.]

Richman I don't think you know where hypnotism originated!
[MK You know where hypnotism comes from?]

Chico I know, but do you know?
[MK No.]

Richman Certainly, I know. Hypnotism was taken from the Greeks.

Chico You can't take anything from the Greeks. You see though, I have hypnotic power.
[MK Oh no, you can't take anything from the Greeks. You can't even get your right change back.]

Richman Yes, but you cannot possibly hypnotize a strong minded person.

Chico All right, I hypnotize you. I put you in a hypnotized condition and then I make you think you are something. I know it is hard. Look at me. Your eyes are closing, they are closing, they are closed. You are now fast asleep. Don't double cross me. Now while you are in this condition I make you think you are something you are not. You are a cat.

Richman Meow!

Chico You are a dog!

Richman Meow, - - - Woof! Woof!
Bus. of wiping forehead.

Chico You are a snake.

Richman How do you snake?

Chico Just like a worm, only more.
Bus. of wriggling like a snake for Richman.
What a fat snake.

Richman Yes, but I don't think I am a snake.

Chico You don't but I will give $ 1,000 to anyone who can prove that I don't think you are a snake.

Two Pierrots dance. At the end of dance they draw curtains open.

Script source; Library of Congress, Washington. Variations marked MK from Miles Kreuger Collection, Institute of the American Musical, Los Angeles.

Chico apparently didn't participate in the "tramp ballet" in Scene 6, but carried on the Greek-theme together with Richman in The Hypnotist. The idea of a hypnotist is another recycled routine from On The Balcony.