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The Marx Brothers
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The pages under were originally created by Frank Bland for his site
This page was originally created by Frank Bland for his site 'Why A Duck'.

In addition to various web reviews, "Why A Duck?" has been featured in print media, ranging from the New York Daily News to the Jerusalem Post. Herein are links to sites that have reviewed this site. I've also included reviews (good and bad) by ordinary netsurfers, to give you an idea of what folks like (or unlike, as the case may be) yourself think of my place! If you'd like to praise or damn me, please email me or fill in my feedback form (links to both at the bottom of this page).

A Word From The Experts

Microsoft Eencarta 99

Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia has placed a link to this site in the article on The Marxes in the latest version of their CD ROM.

Yahoo! Internet Life

Yahoo! Internet Life bestowed upon us the honor of 3-1/2 (out of four) stars in their December 1998 issue. Geez, thanks!

Winner of The Tasty Morsel Weekly Award from offers some of the spiffiest CGI scripts I've ever seen, completely free of charge. And on July 12, 1998, they also had the good taste to give my site the much coveted "Tasty Morsel Weekly Award." Aw, shucks.

Virtual Postcard Exchange Featured Site

On June 8, 1998, The Virtual Postcard Exchange included Greetings From Why A Duck? as a featured site.

SelectSurf -- Best Of The Web

SelectSurf selected this site as a select site on December 10, 1997. Obvious, one would think. But a nice thing, nontheless.

Panacea Pick of the Week

This site was selected as a Panacea Pick of the Week by the orderlies at Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency on November 17, 1997.

Snap! Online -- Best of the Web Winner

CNET's Snap! Online gave us a Best of the Web rating on October 15, 1997.

The Mining Company

The Mining Company's Classic Film Site recognized this page as a Net Find on September 1, 1997. And if that weren't enough, we were also given rave reviews by The Mining Company's American History Site in David Schwalbe's wonderful article on Groucho Marx on September 29th.

The Web Magazine

The Web Magazine was kind enough to give Why A Duck? a Top of the Web rating in their March 1997 issue.

On January 29, 1997, Luckman Interactive selected this as a bona fide Five-Star site. Thanks to this rating, Why A Duck? will be featured in their book and interactive CD-ROM -- Luckman Interactive's "World Wide Web Yellow Pages."

The Jerusalem Post: Internet Edition

Jeff Abramowitz gave this site a pretty good review in the December 15, 1996 (5 Tevet 5757) edition of The Jerusalem Post.

Magellan 3-Star Site

Dateline: July 1996..."Why A Duck?" has been recognized as a "3-Star Site" by the Magellan Internet Guide. I was hoping for four, but I'm still deeply honored.

RETRO -- Anything that was ever cool

My heartfelt thanks go out to Nancy Eaton for plugging this site in the May/June 1996 edition of RETRO -- "Anything that was ever cool" and for convincing me to lose that annoying marquee hoo-hah.

Rated 'Top 5% of All Web Sites'

Thanks also to Point Communications and The Point Survey for recognizing this site as among the "Top 5% of All Web Sites."

Why A Duck? received kudos from Radio ONE on March 5, 1996. I'd like to thank the Academy, but what have they done for me lately? I would, however, like to thank Jim Diefendorff for his high praise.

We also got a plug from the Web Surfers Report on May 5, 1996. We even shared the page with MST3K and Joe Bob Briggs. There's no accounting for some people's tastes. I shouldn't say that, since I've been watching MST3K for several years and have been reading Joe Bob since I was a sprout in Dallas and he appeared regularly in the Observer.

Ballad Of The Just Plain Folks

"Better than an elephant in the pajamas! More fun than Margaret Dumont in a vat of Jello! Better words than the lyrics to (every song in ANIMAL CRACKERS except 'Hooray for Captain Spaulding'). Hooray, hooray, hooray."

-- Mark Bourne, 2/4/97

Check out Mark's original SF and Fantasy (which has been been featured in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and Asimov's Science Fiction, as well as several collections) by pointing your browser to Mark Bourne's Digital Digs.

"Love the page. It is about time I found a page on the Marx Brothers (I could have found it earlier, but I hadn't looked)."

-- Lee S. Vaubel, 2/13/97

"I'm still breathing."

-- Ira J. Dolnick, 3/2/97

"The only bad part about my experience is that I read [the] page in a crowded cluster and I guess it is against some sort of Greater Cluster rules descended from on high that says you're not supposed to laugh while in front of a computer."

-- Monique Vulin, 3/5/97

"I see figures...Strange figures...Internet on line time one hundred and eight..."

-- Mike Vance, 3/31/97

"My experience here defies explanation (among other things)...It has been great, and let me be the last to say it before they yank you from the web."

-- Brad Duren, 4/6/97

"A real epiphany. It changed my life."

-- Gary Peavyhouse, 4/11/97

"With my 14400 modem cranking along at a snail's pace, I had ample time to effectively find glaring errors in your page...keep up the inadequate work you so aptly are made for."

-- Brandon R. Sanders, 4/27/97

"This place is amazing...I had no idea that so much information on the Bros. could be found in one place. You are to be commended!"

--, 8/22/97

"The page has opened up a whole new world of Marxist knowledge, trivia, and information that I never dreamed possible before. I visit this web page almost every day."

-- Paul Yarish, 12/2/97

"Great page with a lot of neat information. Best one I've found yet."

--Greg Necastro, 2/4/98

"A wonderful tribute - skillfully put together. I appreciate the forum you have created for Marx Brothers enthusiasts!"

--Kipp Wessel, 2/12/98
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The pages under were originally created by Frank Bland for his site Frank did kindly give me permission to use the contents of his site.

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