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25 Mar 1970: Groucho appeared on ABC television's "Dick Cavett Show."
Groucho in an early appearance on Dick Cavett's show.  
26 Mar 1951: Final episode of Chico's television series, "College Bowl."
Chico in a scene from College Bowl.  
27 Mar 1937: Warner Brothers' "The King and The Chorus Girl" (starring Fernand Gravet and Joan Blondell), Groucho's debut as a screenwriter (with Norman Krasna), was released.
Ad for The King and The Chorus Girl.  
27 Mar 1941: Groucho appeared on "The Rudy Vallee Sealtest Program."  
27 Mar 1943: Groucho's first broadcast as the star of "Pabst Blue Ribbon Town" on CBS radio network.
Groucho at Pabst's 100th Anniversary celebration.  
27 Mar 1946: Groucho MCs "Mail Call #188" on radio.  
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