The Marx Brothers

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"One for all and two for five..."

The Marx Brothers in Chicago

Art Fisher and Groucho the Monk

The Origin of Zeppo's name


Nightingales and Mascots

Fun In Hi Skule

Mr Green's Reception

Home Again / N'Everything

Street Cinderella / Cinderella Girl

On The Balcony

I'll Say She Is!


A Day in Hollywood, A Night in the Ukraine

Camel Caravan

Chico Marx Orchestra

Gallagher & Shean

Joe Frisco

Gus Edwards

Will B. Johnstone

"My name is Sammy Brown and I just came into town..."

The New York Wonder Kiddies

Marx Variations



Bröderna Marx

During October, November and December, Riksteatern will tour Sweden with an original show in Swedish and Swedish sign language, based on the Marx Brothers. The story is about young lovers Juliette and Zeppo who elopes to Paris to get married in secret.

Films & film projects

Humor Risk

A Kiss In The Dark (Zeppo)

The Cocoanuts

Animal Crackers

Monkey Business

Horse Feathers

Of Thee I Sing

Duck Soup

A Night At The Opera

A Day At The Races

Giraffes on Horseback Salads

Room Service

At the Circus

Go West

The Big Store

Stage Door Canteen (Harpo)

A Night In Casablanca

Copacabana (Groucho)

Love Happy

Story of Mankind

The Incredible Jewel Robbery

Deputy Seraph

A Day at the United Nations

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Mikael Uhlin