The Marx Brothers

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This is a list of important dates in the history of the Marx Brothers

  1861Simon Marx, the father of the Marx Brothers is born in Alsace
9 Nov 1864Minnie Schönberg, the mother of the Marx Brothers is born in Dornum, Germany
20 Oct 1882Margaret Dumont born in Brooklyn, New York
  1885Manfred born (dies in infancy (1888?) of tubercolosis)
22 Mar 1887Leonard "Chico" Marx is born
23 Nov 1888Adolph "Harpo" Marx is born in New York, he later changed his name to Arthur
2 Oct 1890Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx is born
23 Oct 1892Milton "Gummo" Marx is born
25 Feb 1901Herbert "Zeppo" Marx is born
  1909The Three Nightingales: Groucho and Gummo are joined by Mabel O'Donell for this singing trio managed by Minnie Marx
 Jan 1910Harpo joins The Three Nightingales to form The Four Nightingales
 Feb 1910When joined by Minnie Marx and aunt Hannah Schickler The Four Nightingales become The Six Mascots
  1912Fun in Hi Skule is the first musical sketch of the Brothers. This half-hour 'school act' features the four brothers, Paul Yates and others
  1913Mr. Green's Reception is a followup to Fun in Hi Skule
  1914Home Again is developed from the second half of Mr. Green's Reception
22 Mar 1917Chico marries Betty Carp
  1918In The Cinderella Girl Zeppo replaces Gummo. This musical comedy is written by Jo Swerling with music by Gus Kahn
 Jan 1918Maxine, daughter of Chico and Betty, born
4 Feb 1920Groucho marries Ruth Johnson
  1921On the Mezzanine Floor (in England: On the Balcony) a musical revue written by Herman Timberg, produced by Benny Leonard
  1921The silent movie Humorisk is made with money raised by a friend. Director is Jo Swerling. It was made in two weeks at Fort Lee, NJ. studios and in a studio at 49th St. and 10th Ave. in New York. No copy exists of this (unfinished?) film.
21 Jul 1921Arthur, son of Groucho and Ruth, born
19 May 1924Stage show I'll say she is, scripted by Will B. Johnstone, opens at the Casinos
  1925Film Too many kisses is released with Harpo in a supporting role. Details are lacking of how he came to be in this, which even seems to pre-date their first real Broadway play
8 Dec 1925Stage show The Cocoanuts opens at the Lyric and runs for 275 performances, a full season on Broadway, as well as two years on the road.
6 Jan 1926Groucho's piece "A Lift From Groucho Marx" is published in the New York Herald Tribune
12 Apr 1927Zeppo marries Marion Benda
19 May 1927Miriam, daughter of Groucho and Ruth, born
23 Oct 1928Stage show Animal Crackers opens at the 44th Street Theater and runs for 191 performances. It was laid off the following summer, went on tour in mid-October.
1 Dec 1928Alexander Woollcott's tribute to Harpo, "Portrait of a Man with Red Hair" appeared in The New Yorker.
  1929Groucho's first book Beds is serialized in the magazine 'College Humor'
16 Mar 1929Gummo marries Helen von Tilzer
3 Aug 1929Film The Cocoanuts released
13 Sep 1929Minnie Marx (mother of the Marxes) dies.
  1930Robert, son of Gummo and Helen, born
  1930Groucho first book Beds published
6 Sep 1930Film Animal Crackers released
20 Dec 1930Groucho's piece, "My Poor Wife" (relating sympathy for his wife's tedious life with a famous comedian), appeared in Collier's.
5 Jan 1931The Marxes appear in the London Palace Theatre
19 Sep 1931Film Monkey Business released
31 Aug 1932Film Horse Feathers released
28 Nov 1932Groucho's & Chico's radio series "Beagle, Shyster & Beagle" (later: "Flywheel, Shyster & Flywheel") debuts on NBC
22 Nov 1933New York Premiere of "Duck Soup"
24 Nov 1933Film Duck Soup released
  1934Groucho appears in a revival of the play Twentieth Century
  1934Harpo tours Russia
15 Nov 1935Film A Night at the Opera released
7 Dec 1935Film La Fiesta de Santa Barbara released. Harpo's wig can be seen in Technicolor
24 Jul 1936Film Yours For the Asking released. Groucho is an uncredited extra in this.
28 Sep 1936Harpo marries Susan Fleming
  1937The film The King and the Chorus Girl, written by Groucho and Norman Krasna, appears
11 Jun 1937Film A Day at the Races released
  1938Harpo and Susan adopt William (Billy/Bill) Woollcott
30 Sep 1938Film Room Service released
8 Nov 1938Chico appeared on NBC radio's "The Bob Hope Show."
15 Nov 1938Groucho appeared on NBC radio's "The Bob Hope Show."
  1939The Kellog's Show on radio with Groucho and Chico
20 Oct 1939Film At the Circus released
  1940In the 1940s Chico and Betty get divorced
6 Dec 1940Film Go West released
  1941until 1942 Groucho is a regular guest on The Rudy Vallee Show
20 Jun 1941Film The Big Store released
  1942Groucho's book Many Happy Returns is published. It deals with income taxes
15 Jul 1942Groucho and Ruth get divorced
8 Nov 1942Groucho's piece, "Groucho Marx Turns Himself For Scrap," appeared in the New York Herald Tribune Sunday Supplement, This Week.
9 Dec 1942Groucho appeared on radio on "Mail Call #14".
20 Dec 1942Chico Marx and his orchestra (with vocalists Mel Torme and Ben Pollack) appeared on "Fitch Bandwagon."
  1943Chico has his own band
12 May 1943Film Stage Door Canteen released
10 Nov 1943"Groucho's New Idea" (i.e., a chat show called "Goulash at Groucho's") was revealed in the pages of Variety.
1 Dec 1943Groucho MCs "Mail Call #67" on radio.
  1944Zeppo and Marion adopt Timothy
  1944Chico appears in the revue Take a Bow
  1944Harpo plays in The Man who came to Dinner
  1944Groucho starts a radio series The Pabst Show but is soon replaced by Danny Kaye
14 Jan 1945Groucho is a guest on the "Philco Radio Hall Of Fame"
21 Jul 1945Groucho marries Kay Gorcey
13 Sep 1945Groucho appears in "Command Performance #191" on Armed Forces Radio.
11 Oct 1945Groucho appeared on "Bird's Eye Open House."
8 Nov 1945Groucho appeared on "Bird's Eye Open House."
22 Nov 1945Groucho appeared on "Bird's Eye Open House"
6 Dec 1945Groucho appeared on "Bird's Eye Open House."
22 Dec 1945Groucho's "The Customers Always Write" appeared in the 'Trade Winds' Column of the Saturday Review.
  1946Melinda, daughter of Groucho and Kay Gorcey, born
10 May 1946Film A Night in Casablanca released
  1947Groucho starts his show You Bet Your Life which runs until the 60's on radio and from 1950 also on TV
12 Jan 1947Groucho is a guest on "Philco Radio Time"
30 May 1947Film Copacabana released
20 Jan 1948Harpo appeared in the "Command Performance" radio show #307
27 Sep 1948The play Time for Elizabeth by Groucho and Norman Krasna opens on Brodway but only runs for 8 performances
5 Oct 1948Chico's TV debut on NBC's Texaco Star Theater
12 Dec 1948Groucho's article "Why Harpo Doesn't Talk" is published in "This Week".
9 Jan 1949The TV programme "Papa Romani" featuring Chico is broadcast on CBS
13 Jan 1949Groucho appeared on "Kraft Music Hall," hosted by Al Jolson.
17 May 1949Chico Marx arrives at Frankfurt/Main, Germany, to begin a five-day tour in which he and a group of English entertainers were to perform at military bases.
29 Nov 1949Groucho appeared on Armed Forces Radio's "Command Performance #404."
3 Mar 1950Film Love Happy released
12 May 1950Groucho and Kay get divorced
9 Dec 1950Chico's piece, "Here's my All-American Football Selections for 1950," appeared in TV Forecast; the magazine also had an ad for Chico's show "College Bowl"
28 Dec 1950Mr. Music released. Groucho played himself in this Bing Crosby movie.
11 Nov 1951Harpo's TV debut on NBC's "Colgate Comedy Hour"
24 Dec 1951Film Double Dynamite released. It had been held back by producer Howard Hughes for three years.
 Jan 1952Film A Girl in Every Port released
6 Jan 1952Harpo appears on the programme "Comedy Hour" on NBC TV
20 Jan 1952Chico is a guest on "Celebrity Time" on CBS TV
11 Oct 1952Groucho appeared on NBC television's "All Star Revue."
10 Nov 1952Groucho appeared on the pilot episode of "The Bob Hope Show."
19 Nov 1952Melinda appeared on "You Bet Your Life" (radio).
  1953The TV series College Bowl features Chico
9 Jan 1954Harpo appears on the "Spike Jones Show" on NBC TV
31 Jan 1954Groucho appears on the "Colgate Comedy Hour" on NBC TV
12 May 1954Zeppo and Marion get divorced
17 Jul 1954Groucho marries Eden Hartford
16 Oct 1954The fifth installment of the serialization of Arthur Marx's book, "Life With Groucho," appeared as "My Old Man Groucho" in Saturday Evening Post No. 16.
7 Dec 1954Arthur Marx is a guest at 'Art Linkletter's House Party' on CBS
18 Dec 1954Harpo Marx is a guest on the TV show 'The Christophers'
18 Dec 1954At the 'Look' TV Awards Groucho is presented with an award
  1955Harpo makes a guest appearance in Lucille Ball's show I love Lucy
13 Jan 1955Melinda Marx made an appearance on "You Bet Your Life" (television).
18 Jan 1955Groucho has a cameo in "Shower Of Stars" on CBS TV.
12 Apr 1956Zeppo Marx purchases the Safeway Stores Inc. building in Redding, CA for $541,000 as an investment.
15 Dec 1956Groucho, Eden, and Melinda Marx were joined by Gina Lolobrigida, Johnny Ray, and Joe Stafford on an episode of "The Perry Como Show" celebrating NBC's 30th Anniversary.
29 Jul 1957Film Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? released
8 Nov 1957Film The Story of Mankind released. Chico, Harpo and Groucho appear in this film, but not together in one scene
  1958TV production Next to No Time with Chico
 Aug 1958Chico marries Mary De Vithas
19 Nov 1958Groucho was a guest on NBC television's "Jack Paar Show."
  1959Groucho's book Groucho and me is published. A highly fictional autobiography
14 Jan 1959Harpo is a guest on "Kraft Music Hall" on NBC TV
8 Mar 1959The TV film The Incredible Jewel Robbery is the last film to have three Marx Brothers
18 Sep 1959Zeppo marries Barbara Blakely
29 Apr 1960A TV production of The Mikado has Groucho as Koko
16 Oct 1960Chico Marx and Ivan Erdos were pitted against John Gerber and Edith Kemp on ABC television's "Championship Bridge," hosted by Charles Goren (Chico lost horribly).
6 Dec 1960Groucho appeared on "Open End," hosted by David Susskind, with the subject of "Humor and Such" (this was the pilot for "Happy Talk").
22 Dec 1960Harpo starred in "Silent Panic," an episode of the June Allyson show for CBS television.
  1961Harpo's book Harpo speaks published
11 Oct 1961Chico dies of arteriosclerosis
8 Nov 1963Groucho appeared on NBC television's "Today Show" with Hugh Downs, Jack Lescoulie, Pat Fountaine, and Frank Blair.
10 Nov 1963Groucho substitutes for David Susskind in hosting Julie Newmar, Arlene Dahl, and Georgia Brown on "Open End."
28 Sep 1964Harpo dies after open heart surgery
19 Nov 1964Groucho was a guest on the "Les Crane Show."
  1965Groucho's book Memoirs of a Mangy Lover published
6 Mar 1965Margaret Dumont died in Hollywoord, California of a heart attack
  1967Groucho's book The Groucho Letters published
19 Dec 1968Film Skidoo released
4 Dec 1969Groucho and Eden Hartford get divorced
20 Dec 1971Groucho appeared with Erin Fleming on the "Dick Cavett Show" on ABC television.
  1972Solo concert with Groucho in Ames, Iowa
  1972at the Cannes Film Festival Groucho is made 'Commandeur des Arts et Lettres' by the French government
6 May 1972Solo concert with Groucho at Carnegie Hall in New York
  1973Zeppo and Barbara get divorced. Barbara later marries Frank Sinatra
  1974Groucho receives a Special Academy Award in recognition of a lifetime's achievement
16 Jan 1977The Marxes are inducted to the Motion Picture Hall of Fame
21 Apr 1977Gummo dies
19 Aug 1977Groucho dies
30 Nov 1979Zeppo dies of lungs cancer
  1992The book "Love, Groucho (Letters from Groucho Marx to his daughter Miriam)" is published
 Feb 2000Harpo Marx's son and Chico Marx's estate sued Groucho Marx Productions and its president. They alleged that Groucho Marx Productions had sold television and merchandising rights to the Marx Brothers to the animation company Global Communications without consulting the estates of Harpo and Chico Marx.
 Jan 2007Bill Marx's book "Son of Harpo Speaks" is published
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