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Vaudeville shows and other appearances of the Marx Brothers

Here you get a glimpse into the past, when prohibition was in full swing, the movies hadn't yet found a voice, and the Marx Brothers were filling Broadway theaters to capacity and bringing down houses on a regular basis. Groucho was starting to get his writing published in various prestigious publications and Harpo had been adopted by the Algonquin wits.

You can take a look at theater programs for each of the Marx Brothers' three Broadway hits (I'll say she is, The Cocoants and Animal Crackers), or read dialog from these shows that never made it onto film. You can also read reviews of these shows by such luminaries as Percy Hammond and Alexander Woollcott.

When they moved into film they did not stop touring completely. During their movie career they took some material on the road to test it before a live audience, and later in live they made solo tours, especially Chico who toured with a big band.

Here is lists of shows which the Marx Brothers presented on stage:

The Leroy Trio (1905)
Tour with Lily Seville (1905)
Gus Edwards' Postal Telegraph Boys (1906)
The Man of Her Choice (1906)
The Three Nightingales (1907)
The Four Nightingales (1908)
Fun in Hi Skule (1910)
The Six Mascots (1910)
Marx & Gordini (1911)
Mr. Green's Reception (1912)
Home Again (1914)
The Street Cinderella (1918)
On the Mezzanine Floor (1921)
British Tour (1922)
I'll say she is (1923)
The Cocoanuts (1925)
Animal Crackers (1928)
London Palace (1931)
Harpo in the Soviet Union (1934)
A Night at the Opera (1935)
A Day at the Races (1936)


Marx Brothers shows are still presented on stage..


Plays in Marx Brothers style or with the Marx Brothers as characters.
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