The Marx Brothers
Radio shows and guest appearances


Most information in this list comes from Wayne Boenig. He has also got many radio shows on tape. Email him if you are interested in obtaining copies. Thanks also to Stephan Herschung.
Excerpts of some programs can also be found on regular LPs or CDs. Click here to see what is available.

"During the mid-1930's, radio began to displace movies as the most popular entertainment medium. After all, it was free, it didn't require going out, and a much broader array of show formats was available, most of which did not require the time commitment of the audience that movies required. This boom in popularity saw a scramble to secure available talent for radio shows, and big-name Hollywood movie personalities were a prime target. As luck would have it, the Marx Brothers were on the downhill side of their cinematic careers and were looking to branch out into other areas. Groucho especially sought out radio, which gave him opportunity to exercise his natural wit. Chico pursued a career as a band leader, which landed him occasional air time, as the broadcasting of big band music was a popular use of the airwaves. For obvious reasons, Harpo was at a handicap in this medium, but still found an occasional guest spot. I have attempted here to document several radio appearances by each of the three brothers; however, as record keeping was not viewed as a necessity in this field back then, there is no attempt to present this as a complete list. Particularly difficult to trace to a specific date are Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) broadcasts* of Command Performance, G.I. Journal, and Mail Call broadcasts, which were often recorded on disc only for distribution to military bases, and whose broadcast dates and times varied at each locale." (Wayne Boenig)
* many of the dates of these shows come from "Command Performance, USA! A Discography" by Harry Mackenzie

In this list you find:

Marx Brothers shows or one of the Marx Brothers as host

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28 Nov 1932 - Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel
NBC, 7:30 pm, 30 min
Groucho Marx, Chico Marx.
Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel was the Monday program of the 'Five Star Theater' sponsored by The Standard Oil companies. Groucho was the malpractising lawyer "Waldorf T. Flywheel" and Chico was "Emmanuel Ravelli" his bungling assistant. Harpo did not appear on the show for obvious reasons (or maybe we just cannot hear him), and they also did not need a straight man like Zeppo. The show ran for 26 episodes from November 28, 1932 until May 22, 1933. Fifteen routines from 'Flywheel' were incoporated into 'Duck Soup' which was in preparation at that time. But also some routines from the earlier films are used. This show was first named 'Beagle, Shyster, and Beagle' but it was renamed with the fourth episode because a laywer named Beagle had complained.

For information about the episodes click here.

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1933 - The Paramount Movie Parade
Radio promotions for the movie "Duck Soup". More information available on Mikael Uhlin's website "I'll say she is"


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4 Mar 1934 - Marx of Time
CBS, 7 pm, 8 Shows
When between films in spring 1934, Groucho and Chico did this show for American Oil. Groucho was "Ulisses H. Drivel" and Chico "Penelli". This show should satirize the news of the world. Broadcast was on Sundays at 7 pm. It did stay on the air for 8 shows until April 22, 1934.


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1935 - The Marx Brothers Show
Hollywood Agents
Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Hollis Shaw, Bill Goodwin (announcing), Raymond Paige Orchestra
This unaired audition episode is often erroneously dated 1938. However, a joke about Jean Harlow, who died in 1937, and use of music from "A Night At The Opera" date this to late 1935. Also, Hollis Shaw, the protégé singer introduced on the show, was a featured singer on CBS' "Saturday Night Serenade" by 1936. As a side note, some pundits speculate that this script was a poke at Zeppo's new career.
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1940s - Chico's Barber Shop
Chico Marx
Glenn Mitchell's "Marx Brothers Encyclopedia" times this before "Fitch Bandwagon" (1942). This could be a pilot which never aired


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9 Jan 1943 - Mail Call #19
Groucho Marx (MC), Betty Grable, Judy Garland, Jose Iturbo, Phil Silvers, Rags Ragland, Bill Goodwin.
Groucho, Grable, and Goodwin do a skit called "Groucho's Mother".

27 Mar 1943 - Pabst Blue Ribbon Town
CBS, 30 min.
Groucho Marx (host)
This show ran from March 27, 1943 to June 17, 1944. Groucho performed for 62 out of 63 shows in 65 weeks as host of this comedy variety show. Regular guests included Virginia O'Brien, Leo Gorcey, Donald Dickson, and The Robert Armbruster Orchestra. Chico appeared in four episodes (#17 - Jul 17, 1943; #23 - Aug 28, 1943; #27 - Sep 25, 1943; Dec 18, 1943 as guest host), and Harpo contributed to the final edition (#63 - Jun 17, 1944). There were no shows on November 20 and 27, 1943.

26 Aug 1943 - Mail Call #53
Groucho Marx (MC), Irene Manning, Paulette Goddard, Rose Murphy, Leo Diamond and his Harmonaires, Donald Dickson, Don Wilson

1 Dec 1943 - Mail Call #67
Groucho Marx (MC), Phil Regan, Ida James, Hoosier Hot Shots, Shirley Ross, Don Wilson


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29 Jan 1944 - Pabst Blue Ribbon Town
Groucho Marx (host), Vera Vague (guest), Faye McKenzie, Leo Gorcey, Ken Niles, Robert Armbruster and his Blue Ribbon Blenders
Vera Vague is featured in an episode about Groucho's hunt for a cook, or a wife, whichever comes first

5 Feb 1944 - Pabst Blue Ribbon Town
Groucho Marx (host), Gene Tierney (guest), Faye McKenzie, Leo Gorcey, Ken Niles, Robert Armbruster and his Blue Ribbon Blenders
Gene Tierney joins Groucho and company in the first of two celebrations of Pabst Blue Ribbon's 100th anniversary, showing us what life was like in Milwaukee in 1844

12 Feb 1944 - Pabst Blue Ribbon Town
Groucho Marx (host), Gene Tierney (guest), Faye McKenzie, Leo Gorcey, Ken Niles, Robert Armbruster and his Blue Ribbon Blenders
Gene Tierney returns for the second celebration of Pabst Blue Ribbon's 100th anniversary, this time giving us a view of Peoria, Illinois in 2044

12 Apr 1944 - Mail Call #86
Groucho Marx (MC), Lionel Barrymore, Ella Logan, The Williams Brothers, Elvie Allman, Fay McKenzie, Don Wilson


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17 Jan 1945 - Mail Call #127
syndicated, 30 min
Groucho Marx (MC), Robert Benchley, Ida Lupino, Gloria DeHaven, Carlos Ramirez, Leon Belasco, Gene Krupa Trio, Harry Von Zell
Krupa and Lupino did a spoof on "Double Indemnity"

13 Sep 1945 - Command Performance #191
AFRS, 30 min
Gloria DeHaven (MC), Groucho Marx, Frank Morgan, Georgia Gibbs, Dick Lane and Kenny Baker.
A re-broadcast of #137


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27 Mar 1946 - Mail Call #188
Groucho Marx (MC), Kenny Baker, Les Paul Trio, Kathryn Grayson

16 Apr 1946 - The Beverly-Groucho Hotel
Groucho Marx
Groucho cut an audition record for this show, which never aired. He refers to this show in his letters of April 11 and April 17 in the book "Love, Groucho".


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30 Sep 1947 - Command Performance #289
AFRS, 30 min
Groucho Marx (MC), Martha Tilton, Bud Wisdom, Will Scott, Abe Burrows, June Peney, Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra.

27 Oct 1947 - You Bet Your Life
Groucho Marx (host), George Fenneman (announcer)
When Groucho went on the air again it was no longer a comedy program he performed but a quiz show. When John Guedel approached Groucho after the April 1947 Bob Hope Show (see above) and asked him if he could be spontaneously witty like that all the time, Groucho responded that it would be almost impossible for him NOT to do it. The contestants were asked questions (and these weren't always easy), but the main purpose of the show was to get some funny remarks from Groucho. Before the question he would talk to his guest, which were ordinary as well as famous people, and he tried to get a joke from what his guests said as often as possible. This show pretended to be live but was recorded and then edited, it is said that this was to prevent getting any 'dirty' remarks of Groucho getting on the air.
The show bounced around a few time slots before settling in on Wednesday nights at 9:00 as of October 5, 1949. The show ran for two years on ABC, one year on CBS, and then six years on NBC. The NBC years were marked by simultaneous radio and television broadcasts. The radio show ran until Sep 19, 1956. The TV broadcasts ran through 1961.


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21 Aug 1952 - The Little Matchmaker
No Rent
NBC, 30 min
Chico Marx
Chico did an audition program for a comedy show with Sheldon Leonard and Hans Conried.
OTR collector items: BRC #6438 ("Comedy 1950's style")

Guest appearances

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1926 - Broadcast with Admiral Byrd
Harpo was the first Marx to speak on radio


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13 Oct 1930 - (unknown)
Groucho introduced Heywood Broun on WABC, the New York affiliate of CBS.


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29 Nov 1933 - The White Owl Program
Guy Lombardo and His Orchestra, with George Burns and Gracie Allen
Chico Marx
Cynthia Clements describes the episode this way in her book "George Burns and Gracie Allen: A Bio-Bibliography": "Gracie goes out to buy a Thanksgiving turkey, meets Chico, and invites him to dinner." (WB)


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25 Oct 1935 - The Campbell's Soup Hollywood Hotel
This series aired on Friday nights from October 5, 1934 to December 2, 1938 on CBS. Gossip columnist Louella Parsons hosted this hour-long show, and rumor has it that many of her guests appeared for free, else they risk getting panned in her column. On this night, the Marx Brothers appeared to promote their new movie "A Night At The Opera". Mary Pickford was also interviewed that evening.


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Sep 1936 - Mr. Diffle And Mr. Daffle
Groucho and Chico performed this skit for which they were later sued for plagiarism. They settled for a fine in November 1937 (see page 255 of Hector Arce's "Groucho")


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11 Jun 1937 - The Campbell's Soup Hollywood Hotel
Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Allan Jones, Al Jolson, George Jessel, Gus Edwards, Frances Langford, Igor Gorin, Louella Parsons, Ken Niles (announcer)
On this episode, the Marx Brothers appeared to plug their new movie "A Day At The Races". Groucho sings, "Dr. Hackenbush" from "A Day At The Races" and buys some tootsie fruitsie ice cream (and tip sheets) from Chico.
Jolson sings, "Rosie" (as does Jessel) and "Give My Regards To Broadway" (with Jessel).


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8 Nov 1938 - The Bob Hope Show
The Pepsodent Show
NBC, 30 min
Bob Hope (host), Jerry Colonna, Chico Marx, Skinnay Ennis Orchestra, "Six Hits And A Miss", Bill Goodwin (announcer)
Bob's opening monologue is about today's elections and deer hunting. Guest Chico Marx plays his unique arrangement of Liszt's Second Hungarian Rhapsody. Bob is being sued for breach of promise and comes before Judge Colonna.

15 Nov 1938 - The Bob Hope Show
NBC, 30 min
Bob Hope, Groucho Marx, Skinnay Ennis Orchestra, "Six Hits And A Miss"
Sponsored by Pepsodent


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15 Jan 1939 - The Circle
The Kellogg Hour
This show ran from January 15, 1939 to July 9, 1939. Groucho and Chico were regular panelists on what sought to bring together 'the elect of the entertainment world' to discuss topics that might be expected to come up naturally at a social gathering of such luminaries - poetry, music, drama, death, taxes, fur coats - in a heavily-scripted but spontaneous-sounding hour. The show was sponsored by Kellogg's Corn Flakes, and the egos of other stars such as Ronald Colman, Carole Lombard, Basil Rathbone, and Cary Grant are often blamed for the show's demise. (Glen Mitchell's "Encyclopedia" gives wrong dates for this show)
OTR collector items: Radio Showcase #C-176 (Jan 22, 1939, #2)


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31 Oct 1940 - Hollywood for Roosevelt
all-star lineup including Groucho, Henry Fonda, Walter Huston, Rosalind Russell, Benay Venuta, Dorothy Lamour, Thomas Mitchell


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1940s - Star Parade
Chico Marx


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8 Feb 1941 - American Calling - Salutes to Greek Nation
87 min
Jack Benny, Connie Boswell, Madeleine Carroll, Ronald Colman, Melvin Douglas, Clark Gable, Fay Holden, Charles Laughton, Bob Hope, Myrna Loy, Mary Martin, Groucho Marx, Merry Macs, Frank Morgan, Merle Oberon, Reginald Owen, Dick Powell, Tyrone Power, Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone, Ann Rutherford, Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Taylor, Shirley Temple.
OTR collector items: J. Haendiges

27 Mar 1941 - The Rudy Vallee Sealtest Program
Groucho Marx
The show was an attempt by Vallee to shift into comedy.

20 Aug 1941 - USO broadcast
Groucho makes reference to this in "The Groucho Letters". This was a broadcast for the purpose of promoting bond sales for the Department of Defense.

31 Oct 1941 - Information Please
NBC, 7:30pm, 30 min
Clifton Fadiman (host), Groucho Marx (guest)
OTR collector items: Vintage #2204A, Chandler #1618-0, Radio showcase #C-85, Radio Yesteryear #123


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13 Mar 1942 - Stargazer Programme
Ray Spencer (host). The Chico Marx Orchestra.
The Chico Marx Orchestra performed at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh, and the show was broadcast locally over radio station WCAE. A nine-minute segment of this show survives, but Chico is not heard on it. Vocalists included Bobby Clark singing "My Momma Done Told Me" and Cpl. Ziggy Lane singing "This Love Of Mine." The Orchestra also did an instrumental arrangement of "Deep In The Heart Of Texas".

16 Mar 1942 - Keep 'Em Smiling
WWSW, 2 min.
The Chico Marx Orchestra
The Chico Marx Orchestra again performed at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh, this time as a public service broadcast for Defense Stamps. Performances included Jenny(?) Perkins singing "Hawaiian War Chant" and "Now They Call It Swing". Chico is interviewed and gets evasive about questions regarding his personal life, then spends some time introducing members of the newly-formed ensemble. Vocalist Cpl. Ziggy Lane is also interviewed. The program was originally scheduled to run 15 minutes, but it was allowed to run over by another 7 minutes. It was broadcast locally over radio station WWSW.

30 Jun 1942 - Command Performance #20
Spencer Tracy (MC), Mary Lee, Lou Forbes & the Selznick Studio Orchestra, Victor Borge, King's Men, Pinto Colvig, Clarence Nash (Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy), Pat Friday, Groucho Marx, Barbara Stanwyck, Hans Conreid.
All three of the brothers appeared on this show at one time or another. Beginning with episode #246, the dates shown are release dates. Prior to that, dates shown are recording dates.

9 Dec 1942 - Mail Call #14
Orson Welles (MC), Groucho Marx, Gene Autry, Bela Lugosi, Gregory Ratoff, Edward Everett Horton, Arthur Lake

20 Dec 1942 - Fitch Bandwagon
Program #8
Blue net origination, AFRS rebroadcast
Toby Reed (MC), Chico Marx and his orchestra, vocals by Mel Torme, Ben Pollack, Skip Nelson, Kim Kimberly, Del Sharbutt (AFRS announcer)
The first tune is, "Abraham." Seventeen-year-old Mel Torme is introduced as, "Mel Tornay."
This show ran from September 4, 1938 to May 23, 1948, and often featured the comedy of Phil Harris and Alice Faye. Recordings of The Chico Marx Orchestra on this show are erroneously dated December 1943, but his band broke up that summer.


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8 Apr 1943 - Stage Door Canteen
Chico Marx (piano), Jerry Lester, Lauritz Melchior.
This was a variety entertainment show that served mostly as a morale booster for the military.

9 Jun 1943 - The Eddie Cantor Show
NBC, 30 min
Eddie Cantor (host), George Burns and Gracie Allen, Groucho Marx, Jack Benny


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1944 - The Open House
Groucho appeared at least once as a guest of Beverly Barnes in this musical variety and talk. The show ran from September 2, 1943 to March 25, 1946, but Barnes only served as hostess through 1944. Her interviews portrayed stars as "real people with human interest stories."
(John Dunning: "On The Air: The Encyclopedia Of Old-Time Radio ")

26 Jan 1944 - Orson Welles' Radio Almanac
Orson Welles (host), Groucho Marx, Ray Colins, Arthur Q. Bryan, Agnes Moorehead
Groucho appeared as the guest on the pilot episode of this short-lived series, in which Welles made a futile attempt at comedy.
OTR collector items: Rad_Shows #C-891; J. Haendiges #4363A1; Radio Yesteryear #2138

20 Feb 1944 - The Jack Benny Show #20
Groucho Marx
Groucho was Jack's guest this week, and engaged him in a game of checkers. (Jack returned the favor by appearing on "Pabst Blue Ribbon Town" as Groucho's guest six days later.)
OTR collector items: Rad_Shows #C-841, Brc #1964-A

12 Mar 1944 - Philco Radio Hall Of Fame
Deems Taylor (MC), Ken Niles (Announcer), Groucho Marx, Verna Felton, Mel Blanc.

17 Jun 1944 - Command Performance #125
Jack Benny (MC), Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper, Harpo Marx, Ann Miller, Georgia Gibbs, Lena Horne, Meredith Willson, Ken Carpenter.
Cooper acted as Harpo's 'translator' for Bing and Jack.
Songs included:
You Must've Been a Beautiful Baby (Crosby)
Stormy Weather (Georgia Gibbs)
My Blue Heaven (Crosby and Harpo)
One Alone (Crosby)

OTR collector items: J. Haendiges #3672B3, RY #798, Caldwell

9 Sep 1944 - Command Performance #137
Gloria de Haven (MC), Frank Morgan, Dick Lane, Groucho Marx, Georgia Gibbs and Kenny Baker.
Groucho did a game show spoof with announcer Ken Carpenter called "Doctor People Are Double And Take It Truth Or Ignorance It Pays To Be Information."

7 Oct 1944 - Command Performance #141
AFRS, 30 min
Dinah Shore (MC), Ed Gardener, Kay Thompson, Chico Marx, Art Tatum, Charles Cantor, Connie Haines.

12 Oct 1944 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx
This show ran from October 5, 1944 to May 30, 1946. Groucho made frequent guest appearences on this show, which was hosted by Dinah Shore. The show on this day featured a spoof on "Gaslight"
OTR collector items: Radio Yesteryear # 6 (unidentified episode)

14 Oct 1944 - Command Performance #142
Highlights of 1944
Ken Carpenter (MC), Bob Hope, Lena Horne and "Rochester", Dinah Shore, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Tommy Dorsey, Ilinois Jacquet, Artie Shaw, Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Lionel Hampton,Sgt. Ed McKinney, Sgt. Siggy Elman, Les Paul, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, The Andrews Sisters, Danny Kaye.
This was something of a greatest hits show, with Groucho's material from episode #137 and Harpo's from episode #125.
Songs Included:
1. Consequences (Lena Horne, Rochester)
2. Lydia, the tatooed lady (Groucho)
3. Going My Way (Crosby)
4. Deenah (Danny Kaye)
5. All time flop parade (Crosby, Garland, Andrews Sisters)

OTR collector items: Caldwell

6 Nov 1944 - Democratic National Committee Program
As President of the United States
NBC and CBS, 60 min
Humphrey Bogart (narrator), Groucho Marx, Judy Garland, Claudette Colbert, James Cagney, Irving Berlin, Talullah Bankhead, Frank Sinatra, Milton Berle, Edward G. Robinson, Keenan Wynn, Danny Kaye, Ed Wynn, Cliff Nazzaro, Tony Bennett, Paul Muni, Ink Spots
"Roosevelt for President" campaign
OTR collector items: J. Haendiges #6384B3, RY #204


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4 Jan 1945 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx

14 Jan 1945 - Philco Radio Hall Of Fame
Groucho Marx, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans

1 Mar 1945 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx

9 Mar 1945 - G.I. Journal #85
Groucho Marx, Lucille Ball, Johnny Weissmuller, Verna Felton, and Mel Blanc. Other guests were Connie Haines and Mel Torme.

15 Mar 1945 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx
featured a spoof on "Double Indemnity"

18 Mar 1945 - Philco Radio Hall Of Fame
Groucho Marx

21 Mar 1945 - Mail Call #137
Frank Morgan (MC), George Burns, Gracie Allen, Clifton Finnegan, Harpo Marx, Rita Hayworth, Joan Merrill, Bea Benaderet, John Conte

19 Apr 1945 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx, Ginny Simms substituting for Dinah Shore
OTR collector items: Sperdvac #A1080

17 May 1945 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx.
OTR collector items: Sperdvac #A1081

10 Jun 1945 - Chase and Sanborn Show
Spike Jones and Frances Langford (hosts), Groucho Marx, Tony Romano, Ken Carpenter
This show was the summer replacement for the Edgar Bergen-Charlie McCarthy show. Groucho appears with Langford, Romano, and Carpenter in a skit called "Groucho In The Marines"

3 Jul 1945 - Columbia Presents Corwin
Unity Fair
Groucho Marx
OTR collector items: J.Haendiges #579A1

17 Jul 1945 - Columbia Presents Corwin
The Undecided Molecule
CBS, 30 min
Groucho Marx, Vincent Price, Sylvia Sydney, Robert Benchley, Keenan Wynn, Elliot Lewis, Norman Lloyd.
Groucho played the role of a judge in the fantasy trial of a molecule (Benchley) that refused to be classified. In the early 1940's, Norman Corwin was one of the best known personalities in America. His brilliant dramas drew radio audiences of up to 60 million people.
OTR collector items: Radio Yesteryear #2276, AIC #AB829, J.Haendiges #3579B1

24 Jul 1945 - Columbia Presents Corwin
A Tapestry For Radio
CBS, 30 min
Maxine Marx (Chico's daughter), Orson Welles

6 Sep 1945 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx.

11 Oct 1945 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx

8 Nov 1945 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx, Frank Nelson, Harry von Zell, Marilyn Maxwell
OTR collector items: Sperdvac #A1086

22 Nov 1945 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx.
The story line is that Groucho is invited to Dinah Shore's house for Thanksgiving dinner, and he brings a live turkey.
OTR collector items: Sperdvac #A1087

6 Dec 1945 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx

27 Dec 1945 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx
featured "Returning Christmas Presents"


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10 Jan 1946 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx.
OTR collector items: Sperdvac #A1088

24 Jan 1946 - Command Performance
Jack Benny (host), Chico

31 Jan 1946 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx

31 Jan 1946 - Command Performance #209
AFRS, 30 min
Chico Marx, Lina Romay, The Charioteers, Jack Benny, Dave Rose and the AFRS Orchestra.
Chico did his "Noodlin' Around" routine.

21 Feb 1946 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx.
featured a spoof on "Information Please"
OTR collector items: Sperdvac #A1088

14 Mar 1946 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx.
OTR collector items: Sperdvac #A1089

4 Apr 1946 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx

18 Apr 1946 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx, Dinah Shore, Harry von Zell, Arthur Q. Bryan

25 Apr 1946 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx, Marilyn Maxwell substitutes for Dinah Shore

9 May 1946 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx

9 May 1946 - The Burns And Allen Show
Maxwell House Coffee Time
George Burns and Gracie Allen (hosts), Harpo Marx

16 May 1946 - Bird's Eye Open House
Groucho Marx.
OTR collector items: Sperdvac #A1091

10 Sep 1946 - Command Performance
Groucho mentions this in a letter found in "Love, Groucho - a collection of letters to his daughter Miriam", but this date can not be confirmed. Since 50 minutes of recording were cut down to the show's 30 minutes, perhaps Groucho's part was left out.


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5 Jan 1947 - Command Performance #246
AFRS, 30 min
Martha Raye (MC), Groucho Marx, Bob Sweeney and Hal March

12 Jan 1947 - Philco Radio Time
Groucho Marx
OTR collector items: RHAC # 587

2 Feb 1947 - Philco Radio Time
Groucho Marx
OTR collector items: Rad_Show #Vm-95

12 Feb 1947 - Philco Radio Time
Bing Crosby (host), Groucho Marx, Dorothy Shay
Bing and Crosby sing "Go West, Young Man"
OTR collector items: Piletic #3419, Rad_Shows #Vm-126, RY #151

18 Mar 1947 - Mail Call #251
Cathy Downs (MC), Lina Romay, Kenny Baker, The Pied Pipers, Johnny Mercer, Burl Ives, Groucho Marx

4 Apr 1947 - Philco Radio Time
Groucho Marx
OTR collector items: Piletic #3420

27 Apr 1947 - The Walgreen Show
Bob Hope (host), Groucho Marx
Bob Hope paraded a series of celebrities past the microphone on this special airing. When Groucho was on, Bob accidentally dropped his script. Groucho then intentionally dropped his, and the two began a hilarious twelve-minute impromptu banter. In the audience that night was John Guedel, who was so impressed with Groucho's ability to ad-lib that he approached him after the show with a proposal that evolved into the game show "You Bet Your Life". A transcript of this dialogue can be found in Arthur Marx's book "The Secret Life Of Bob Hope" (The date shown is the recording date, not the air date).

30 Apr 1947 - Philco Radio Time
Bing Crosby (host), Groucho Marx, Dorothy Shay (the Park Avenue Hillbilly)
All three sing "Feudin', Fightin', and Fussin' "
OTR collector items: Piletic #3420

14 May 1947 - Philco Radio Time
Bing Crosby (host), Groucho Marx, Warren Brown, Hank Greenberg
OTR collector items: Rad_Shows #Vm-129

8 Jul 1947 - Command Performance
Groucho mentions this in a letter found in "Love, Groucho - a collection of letters to his daughter Miriam", but this date can not be confirmed. Since 50 minutes of recording were cut down to the show's 30 minutes, perhaps Groucho's part was left out. Groucho specifically mentions Glenn Ford in his letter. Ford's only known appearance on "Command Performance" was show #257 (he served as MC, with guests Marilyn Maxwell, Phil Silvers, and Larry Stevenson). Accurate dates were not recorded for many post-war episodes, but Harry Mackenzie lists the probable date as "early 1947".

8 Oct 1947 - Mail Call #267
Lina Romay (MC), Groucho Marx, Jane Powell, Allan Jones, Martha Tilton, Harry Gibson, Hy Averback
Groucho, Tilton, and Averback do a skit called "The All-Star Cowboy Hour", which was a spoof on small town hillbilly radio.

21 Oct 1947 - Command Performance
Groucho mentions this in a letter found in "Love, Groucho - a collection of letters to his daughter Miriam", but this date can not be confirmed. Since 50 minutes of recording were cut down to the show's 30 minutes, perhaps Groucho's part was left out. Groucho refers to this as having been the recording date for an AFRS Christmas show.

23 Oct 1947 - Kraft Music Hall
Al Jolson (host), Groucho Marx
OTR collector items: Baggetta #213

31 Oct 1947 - People Are Funny
NBC, 9 pm
Art Linkletter (host), Groucho Marx
Groucho appeared on this show to put in a plug for "You Bet Your Life"


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17 Jan 1948 - Joan Davis Time
Joan Davis (host), Chico (guest)

20 Jan 1948 - Command Performance # 307
AFRS, 30 min
Anita Ellis (MC), Harpo Marx, Bob Sweeney and Hal March, Doris Singleton, Bud Widom, Vance Caling, Tommy Bernard, Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra.

7 Apr 1948 - Mail Call #293
Chili Williams (MC), Harpo Marx, Helen Carroll and The Satisfiers, Dave Street, Margaret Whiting, Cliff Arquette, Dick Haymes, Hy Averback

6 May 1948 - Kraft Music Hall
Al Jolson (host), Groucho Marx
OTR collector items: Rad_Show #Vm-103, Vintage #2629B

30 May 1948 - The Edgar Bergen-Charlie McCarthy Show
the only confirm for this are two references in books by or about Groucho. In "Love, Groucho" is a letter to his daughter Miriam dated April 27, 1948 in which he states "The sixth of May I am doing the Jolson show. I may do 'The Charlie McCarthy Show' the thirtieth..." And there is a line in Hector Arce's biography of Groucho which reads "Rehearsals began for the play [Time For Elizabeth], which Norman Krasna was directing, when Groucho traveled to New York to guest star on Edgar Bergen's radio show." (page 312 in the original 1979 Putnam printing)

10 Aug 1948 - Command Performance #335
AFRS, 30 min
Celeste Holm (MC), Elvia Allman, Groucho Marx, Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchstra.

18 Nov 1948 - Kraft Music Hall
Al Jolson (host), Groucho Marx, Oscar Levant
OTR collector items: Sperdvac #G909


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13 Jan 1949 - Kraft Music Hall
Al Jolson (host), Groucho Marx, Oscar Levant

9 Feb 1949 - Philco Radio Time
Bing Crosby, Groucho Marx, and Warren Brown.
OTR collector items: Piletic #3172

9 Feb 1949 - Philco Radio Time
Bing Crosby (host), Groucho Marx, Connie Haines

21 Feb 1949 - The Railroad Hour
Lady Be Good
Gordon MacRae (host), Groucho Marx
The Gershwin musical

7 Apr 1949 - Kraft Music Hall
Al Jolson (host), Groucho Marx, Oscar Levant
Al Jolson and Groucho sing "The Little German Band"

26 May 1949 - Kraft Music Hall
Al Jolson (host), Groucho Marx, Oscar Levant

18 Nov 1949 - Kraft Music Hall
Al Jolson (host), Groucho Marx

29 Nov 1949 - Command Performance #404
AFRS, 30 min
Virginia Bruce (MC), Merle Travis, The Moon Mists and Groucho Marx.


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11 Jan 1950 - The Chesterfield Show (aka "The Bing Crosby Show")
Bing Crosby (MC), Ken Carpenter (announcer), Groucho Marx, John Scott Trotter Orchestra, vocalist Peggy Lee
Groucho and Crosby do a duet of "Simple Melody" (I. Berlin).
OTR collector items: Piletic #3040

18 Feb 1950 - Saturday At The Shamrock
Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Jack Benny, Danny Kaye
This thirty-minute program of dance music was an episode in a weekly series. We know from Glenn Mitchell's "Encyclopedia" that Harpo, Jack Benny, and Danny Kaye were invited to officiate the opening of the Shamrock Hotel in Houston on this date. Chico was also on this ABC broadcast, and has a brief interview with the host.

4 Jun 1950 - The Steve Allen Show
Steve Allen (host), Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, Eve Arden.
this is the first episode of Allen's summer fill-in show (in some sources the date 21 Jun 52 is given)
OTR collector items: RY #1041

12 Nov 1950 - The Big Show
NBC, 6 pm, 90 min.
Talullah Bankhead (host), Groucho Marx, Ezio Pinza, Fanny Brice, Hanley Stafford, Jane Powell, Meredith Willson, Jimmy Wallington.
This show ran from November 5, 1950 to April 20, 1952 on Sundays. It was a variety show that recruited many top-name stars. The show on this day featured a spoof on "You Bet Your Life" with Bankhead, Pinza, Brice, and Stafford. Groucho sings "Some enchanting evening" imitating Pinza.
OTR collector items: J.Haendiges #6235B, Radio Memories/Ted Davenport #C04323, Mill #Rs-1


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Jan 1951 - Hollywood Party
Judy Garland (host), Groucho Marx, Vic Damone
Judy sings "Stars and Stripes Forever," performs a sketch with Groucho, sings "How Deep Is the Ocean" and sings "You're Just in Love" (with Vic Damone)"

11 Feb 1951 - The Big Show
NBC, 6 pm, 90 min.
Talullah Bankhead (host), Groucho Marx, The Andrews Sisters, Judy Garland, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis
OTR collector items: Radio Memories / Ted Davenport #C04334

30 Mar 1951 - Here it now
Groucho Marx

1 Apr 1951 - The Big Show
NBC, 6 pm, 90 min.
Talullah Bankhead (host), Groucho Marx, Bob Hope, Ethel Barrymore, Ezio Pinza, Van Johnson

6 May 1951 - The Big Show #27
NBC, 6 pm, 90 min.
Talullah Bankhead (host), Groucho Marx, Fred Allen, Ginger Rogers, George Jessel, Margaret Truman

4 Nov 1951 - The Big Show
NBC, 6 pm, 90 min
Talullah Bankhead (host), Groucho Marx, Judy Holliday, Joan Davis, George Sanders, Evelyn Knight, Herb Jeffries


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2 Mar 1952 - The Jack Benny Show
The Lucky Strike Program
CBS, 26 min
Jack Benny (host), Groucho Marx, George Burns, Frank Sinatra, Danny Kaye.
The Opening of Tamarisk Golf Course in Palm Springs, with brief appearances by Frank Sinatra, Danny Kane, Groucho Marx and George Burns. All sing "Jack's Song."
OTR collector items: J. Haendiges #6945B2

13 Apr 1952 - The Big Show
NBC, 6 pm, 90 min.
Talullah Bankhead (host), Groucho Marx, George Sanders, Jackie Miles, Peggy Lee, Fred Allen

20 Apr 1952 - The Big Show
NBC, 6 pm, 90 min
Talullah Bankhead (host), Groucho Marx, Fred Allen, Phil Foster, Ethel Merman, George Sanders, William Prince, Julie Harris, Eddy Arnold.

10 Nov 1952 - Bob Hope Show
Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, Dennis Day
This was the pilot episode of a fifteen minute long daytime series that Hope hosted for a short time in 1952-53.


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15 May 1956 - Biography in Sound
Groucho Marx


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7 Oct 1959 - London Lights
Chico Marx
When Chico visited England for a TV appearance, he also found time to top a radio variety bill for this BBC Light program.


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5 Oct 1963 - Monitor
Jim Lowe (communicator), Groucho Marx, Bob Hope, Steve Allen, Jack Benny, Zeppo Marx, Gummo Marx, Harpo Marx, Margaret Dumont, Allan Jones, Ann Miller, Rudy Vallee (by recording), John Barrymore (by recording), Al Jolson (by recording on, "You Bet Your Life"), Oscar Levant (by recording on, "You Bet Your Life"), Tallulah Bankhead (by recording), John Guedel, George Fenneman, Eden Marx, Melinda Marx.
A birthday tribute to Groucho Marx on his 73rd birthday (although it's called his 68th birthday on the air). Groucho recalls his start in show business and how the Marx Brothers got their names. Harpo Marx plays the harp and whistles, (and of course, does not speak). Rudy Vallee mispronounces Groucho's name, leading to some quick ad libs


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13 Nov 1966 - The Chase and Sanborn 102nd Anniversary Show
Honoring the 40th Anniversary of NBC Radio
Groucho Marx, Fred Allen, Amos 'n Andy, Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, Eddie Cantor, Bing Crosby, Fibber McGhee and Molly, Bob Hope, Al Jolson, Lum & Abner, Will Rogers, Red Skelton, Kate Smith, Walter Winchell, Ed Wynn and others.
Also includes the voices of newsmakers such as Winston Churchill, King Edward VII, Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Charles Lindbergh, Edward R. Murrow and memorable moments such as D-Day, Iwo-Jima, the crash of the Hindenburg. Groucho's clip first broadcast on 10 Jun 1945
OTR collector items: NBC promotional record


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16 Apr 1972 - KFI 50th Anniversary Show
Groucho Marx
Groucho briefly reminisces about his early years in entertainment. This recording lasts approximately one minute.


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26 Dec 1977 - Groucho
BBC, Radio 2, 18:30, 50 min.
Written by Benny Green, Producer Steve Allen, Introduced by Tony Martin
"An appreciation of the life, wit and music of Groucho Marx introduced by one of his former co-stars Tony Martin"


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4 Jan 1987 - The Dr. Demento Show
Special topic: Groucho Marx. featured:
Everyone Says I Love You
Lydia, The Tatooed Lady
The Little German Band (Groucho & Al Jolson)
Hooray For Captain Spaulding


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31 Mar 1993 - Die Marx Brothers in Berlin
45 min.
Autor: Daniel Cil Brecher
Regie: Stefan Dutt
Gerd Wameling ... Groucho Marx| Hermann Göring
Branko Samarovski ... Chico Marx| Joseph Goebbels| Adolf Hitler
Erika Skrotzki ... Fräulein Burgunder
Klaus Herm ... Nuschke
Bodo Primus ... Ansager
Almut Henkel ... Ansagerin
Walter Renneisen ... Radioreporter
Otto Karl Müller ... Nachrichtensprecher
Horst Bollmann ... Hotelgast
Bettina Koch ... Mutter Weinrot
Lena Schock ... Tochter Weinrot
Detlef Jacobsen ... Polizeipräsident
Heinz Schimmelpfennig ... Gehrling
Otto Sander ... Richter
Esther Buess ... Frl. Weingarten
Berthold Toetzke ... Dr. Weintropf

Ton: Werner Klein
Produktion: SR/DS Kultur/SWF
From the ARD Hörspieldatenbank website: "In einem Radiostudio in New York im Spätherbst 1937 mit den Marx Brothers in einer neuen Episode von 'Weihnacht in Europa': Diesmal ist Deutschland dran. Alles beginnt mit einem Traum von Groucho Marx während der Olympiade in Berlin 1936."


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8 Nov 2000 - The Birth of Screen Comedy
BBC Radio 2, 21:00, 60 min.
This was a three part series narrated by Richard Curtis. The other parts were about W.C.Fields and Mae West (21 Nov 2000) and Laurel and Hardy (5 Dec 2000)
This programme gave an overview over the career of the brothers. It featured interviews with family members and collegues. The highlight of this programme for any Marx Brothers fanatic was a recording of Harpo speaking. He was telling how he was falling off a stool in a bar several times and finally a doctor came and found that he had the measels. (This might be from recordings made by Harpo in preparation of the book "Harpo speaks".)


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27 Dec 2005 - The Marx Brothers on Radio
BBC Radio 4, 11:30, 30 min.
"Mark Brisenden [...] reveals the background to the original series and introduces the first ever broadcast of the only complete show now known to exist."


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4 May 2006 - Harpo Goes to Leningrad
BBC - Radio 4, 14:15
Written by Lee Pressman
Harpo ...... Garrick Hagon
Woollcott ...... Philip Voss
Bullitt ...... William Hope
Malekinov ...... Sarah Badel
Captain/Vasiliev ...... Ian Masters
Director/Chico ...... Simon Treves
Groucho/Colonel ...... Keith Drinkel
Reporter/Agent 2 ...... Ian Shaw
Inspector/Bukin/Agent 1 ...... Sam Dale
Dorothy Parker/Ponomarkenko ...... Rachel Atkins
Producer/director Celia de Wolff
From the BBC website: "The true story of Harpo Marx's 1933 tour of Russia. Sent there on a goodwill trip by President Roosevelt, he finds himself arrested as a terrorist and enlisted as a spy."


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Sep 2007 - Groucho Was My Father
BBC, 3 episodes, 30 mins. each
Interview with Miriam Marx about her life and her relationship with Groucho. Includes extracts from Groucho's letters to her read by Frank Ferrante

26 Dec 2007 - A Night in the Ukraine
"Afternoon Play" series
BBC Radio 4, 14:15, 45 min.
Written by Dick Vosburgh
Music by Frank Lazarus
Producer/director Dirk Maggs
Serge ...... Michael Roberts
Carlo ...... Frank Lazarus
Mrs Pavlenko ...... Lorelei King
Nina ...... Jessica Martin
Constantin ...... Stephen Carlile
Gino ...... Graham Hoadly
This production was done by the same team who did "Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel" for the BBC.
Loosely based on Chekov's play "The Bear" with the characters based on the Marx Brothers.
Seedy lawyer Serge B Samovar comes to collect a debt owed by the late husband of Mrs Pavlenko. Mayhem erupts in a series of classic routines and quickfire wordplay which threatens to destroy the very fabric of polite society in pre-revolutionary Russia.


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15 Jan 2008 - Great Lives
Groucho Marx
BBC Radio 4, 16:30, 30 min.
Matthew Parris - Presenter, Roger Graef, Glen Mitchell
"Great Lives" is a biography series exploring the greatest people who ever lived. Matthew Parris interviews an eminent guest and an expert to reveal the truth behind their history heroes.


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15 Jun 2010 - The Marx Brothers in Britain
BBC Radio 4, 11:30, 30 min.
Author and historian Glenn Mitchell profiles the visits of the Marx Brothers to Britain.
Contributors include actor Ron Moody, Theatre historian Chris Woodward and Marxist fan Peter Dixon.


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16 Feb 2011 - Stu's Show
Shokus Internet Radio, 120 min.
Stu talked to actor Frank Ferrante about his life and career, including his portrayal of Groucho Marx in his show "An Evenening with Groucho" and the plays, "Groucho: A Life in Revue" and "An Evening with Groucho", as well as his other alter ego, "Caesar" in Teatro Zinzanni. Click here for download information

3 Mar 2011 - Starr Talk
A tribute to the Marx Brothers
CBS/KKNX, 21:05, 60 min.
In his programme Sonny Starr talked to Harpo's son, Bill Marx, and Jerry Maren who starred in "At The Circus". Other guests were Paramount executive and producer A. C. Lyles and film historian Bruce Crawford. Click here for more information


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Apr 2015 - A Year at the Races
BBC Radio 4, 45 min.
Written by Neil Brand
Groucho ... Toby Jones
Selma ... Jenna Augen
Loretta ... Tracy-Ann Oberman
Eddie ... Ewan Bailey
Director: Helen Perry
A BBC Cymru Wales production
From the BBC website:
"Nearing the end of his career Groucho Marx meets a young star-struck fan, who also happens to be a wisecracking horse doctor. Determined to keep her idol's star shining, she attempts to teach the old funny man some new comedy tricks."


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28 Mar 2016 - Finding Harpo's Voice
BBC Radio 4, 23:00, 30 min.
hosted by Steven Isserlis
From the BBC website: "The internationally acclaimed cellist Steven Isserlis first encountered the Marx brothers as a teenager when he saw their film "The Cocoanuts". And it was the character of Harpo Marx, the silent clown of the brothers, who spoke to him the most directly. The young Steven became a huge fan, to the extent that, instead of practising, he would go to the library to read everything he could find about him and, as Harpo so famously did, instead of shaking people's hands, he would offer his leg instead.
But Harpo wasn't always silent. There were the noises of the horns which became his voice substitute. And at most times during the films he would play the harp- the instrument that got him his stage name. As a musician, this made Steven all the more interested in him.
Steven explores how Harpo came to be the silent Marx brother- he could talk perfectly well but stopped on stage after a bad review. However, without using his voice, Harpo managed to create a unique language with the use of props, sounds and of course his harp. What were the elements of this creation that spoke so eloquently to Steven and what legacy has the silence left?
He travels to the home of Bill Marx, Harpo's eldest son who he first met decades earlier and who first showed him Harpo's raincoat and wig. Steven gets another chance to put them on and to hear the sound of the famous horns.
Steven also talks to actor Simon Callow about Harpo's use of props and the film critic Jonathan Romney about Harpo's technique.
He discusses his harp playing with the harpists Charlotte Seale and Imogen Barford.
And he discusses Harpo with the poet and critic Charlene Fix, author of the book 'Harpo Marx as Trickster'.
Producer: Emma Kingsley."


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unknown - Quiz Kids
Chico Marx

unknown - The People's Platform
This show ran from July 20, 1938 to August 10, 1952. "Among the most prominent guests were Herbert Hoover, Dorothy Thompson, Groucho Marx, Lillian Hellman, Samuel Goldwyn, Gene Tunney, Irving Berlin, Talullah Bankhead, Sen. Robert Taft, and Harold Stassen."
(John Dunning: "On The Air: The Encyclopedia Of Old-Time Radio")

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