The Marx Brothers

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Most of this list of places where the Marx Brothers lived or which are otherwise of significance has been compiled by Bob Siler

  1. 1864-1880 – Dornum, Ostfriesland, Germany The Schönberg family lived here until they emigrated to New York, but there is no identifiable place in Dornum related to the Schönberg family or the Marx Brothers. Minnie visited Dornum with Groucho and Chico in 1900, and Groucho came for a visit in the 1950s.

    Dornum Market
    Dornum Market place

    Dornum Synagogue
    Dornum Synagogue, Abraham Moses Schönberg, the great-grandfather of the Marx Brothers was one the the founder members.

    Dornum jewish cemetery
    Jewish cemetery in Dornum

    Dornum tour
    Poster advertising a walking tour through Dornum

  2. 1885-1909 – New York
    • 1880
      376 East 10th Street - Lower East Side: Louis and Fanny Schoenberg (Minnie's parents) lived here.
    • 1885
      after they were married Samuel and Minnie Marx lived here:
      354 East 62nd Street - Upper East Side
      217 East 78th Street - Upper East Side
    • 1890 - 1895
      239 East 114th Street: Groucho was born here on October 2, 1890.
      137 East 119th Street: lived here for two years
      234 East 122nd Street: briefly
      703 East 135th Street
    • 1895 - 1909
      179 East 93rd Street - Manhattan: they lived here
      179 93rd
      3rd Street - Goodkinds Bakery: Harpo worked here as a boy stacking wood.
      The Seville Hotel: Harpo also worked here as a bellhop
      96th Street And Lexington - PS 86: Chico and Harpo attended this school before dropping out
    • 1900
      13 East 118th Street: Louis Schönberg was working at this address as a clerk.
  3. 1909-1920 – Chicago
    • 1909 - 1912
      4696 Calumet Avenue: The family lived here
    • 1911
      The Willard Theatre: Chico and Arthur Gordon were a singing act with Italian accents when the played here.
    • 1912 - 1917
      4512 Grand Blvd (now: 4512 S. King Dr.): Minnie bought this three-story Brownstone. She put a thousand dollars down payment with a $20,000 mortage.
      (Image from
    • 1917 - 1920
      La Grange, Illinois: The Marx family moved to this 27 acre farm on US 66, Route 45.
      Chico and his bride moved into the Grand Avenue home.
    • 1920
      Chico moved back to New York. The other members of the Marx family soon followed.
  4. 1920-1931 – Back in New York
    • 1920
      West 55th Street - New York City: Chico and Betty settle into an apartment here.
      161 East 79th Street: Groucho and Ruth moved into an apartment
    • 1925-1931
      East 57th Street - New York City: Harpo lived here in a penthouse apartment
      412 West 47th Street - New York City: Alexander Woolcott lived here in a apartment
    • 1925-1929
      654 West 161St Street And Riverside Drive - New York City (Upper West Side): Groucho and his family moved into this two bedroom apartment, where they lived until 1929.
    • 1929-1931 – Great Neck, Long Island, New York
      21 Lincoln Road, Phone number - G.N. - 183: Groucho's first home. He lived here before moving to Hollywood
      Great Neck Estates: Chico lived here, one newspaper article give the address of 11 Myrtle Drive
      Little Neck, Long Island, New York: Sam and Minnie Marx lived here, the Great Neck directory has: 34 Jayson Ave, Phone number - IMP - 2579
    • Richmond Hill
      The Marx family lived at this home on what is now 89th Avenue and 134th Street (87-48 134th Street) during the 1920's.
      (Image from
    • 1920-1930 – Astoria, New York
      Paramount's Astoria Studio: Here they made their first two films, "The Cocoanuts" (1929) and "Animal Crackers" (1930)
    • Summer of 1930 – Great Neck, Long Island, New York
      Harpo rented a house from a Major Henry Holthusen as described in this article:

  5. 1931-1979 – Hollywood
    In 1931 the Brothers Marx packed up their families and left their New York roots and headed for Hollywood, where they would remain for the rest of their lives.
    • 8152 West Sunset Blvd - West Hollywood, The Garden of Allah
      The brothers and their families stayed here for a short time upon arriving in Tinsel Town before moving into homes of their own. Only Harpo remained at the Garden.
    • Unknown Addresses
      • Groucho. Ruth and their two children moved into a rented house in Beverly Hills, near the school his children would be attending.
      • Chico, Betty and their daughter moved into a three bedroom beach house in Malibu. They lived between the homes of John Gilbert and Joan Bennett.
      • Zeppo moved into a rented house in Hollywood.
    • Chico
      • 123 North Elm Drive - Beverly Hills (Google Maps)
        This was the first house he owned. After he and Betty divorced he moved out. He moved back in in his last years with his second wife. He died here on October 11, 1961. Harpo also lived here for a time.
      • 901 Rexford Drive - Beverly Hills: This was his second home.
      • 9401 Sunset Blvd - Hollywood: 1931-1933 (Harpo lived there in 1933)
      • 724 Elm Drive (now North Elm Drive) - Beverly Hills, early 30s (Google Maps)
      • Delongpre Avenue - Hollywood, The Delongpre Apartments: He was living here in 1936
      • 932 Bedford Drive - Beverly Hills, 1940s
      • 720 N. Maple Drive - Beverly Hills, 1940s
      • 409 1/2 N. Spalding Drive - Beverly Hills, 1940s
    • Harpo
      • 8358 West Sunset Blvd - Los Angeles
      • The Sunset Towers Apartments, 1930s
      • 123 North Elm Drive - Beverly Hills, 1930s
      • 720 N. Maple Drive - Beverly Hills, 1930s
      • 9401 Sunset Blvd - Hollywood, 1933. (Chico had lived there 1931-1933)
      • 701 North Canon Drive - Beverly Hills, early 40s
      • 9437 Santa Monica Blvd - Beverly Hills, 1942
    • Groucho
      • 710 North Hillcrest Road - Beverly Hills, 1933-1945
        In 1933 he paid $44,000 for the construction of this fourteen room house, with seven baths, a billard room and servant quarters for three. It was depression and the construction company building the house went bankrupt. The mortgage company repossessed the house until Groucho could pay up what was owed. He and Ruth and their two children moved in. In 1943 he and Ruth divorced. In 1945 he sold the house for $200,000. Ralph Edwards once lived here. In recent years film composer Lalo Schifrin has called it home.
      • Westwood Village, 1943-1950
        He lived in a house here from time to time.
      • 1277 Sunset Plaza Drive - Beverly Hills, The Sunset Plaza Towers, 1946
      • 9437 Santa Monica Blvd - Beverly Hills, 1947
      • 806 North Foothill Drive (now North Foothill Road) - Beverly Hills, 1945-1957 (Google Maps)
        In 1945 Groucho and his second wife, Kay Gorcey Marx, the ex-wife of Leo Gorcey, moved into this Mediterranean-style, two-story house. When they divorced in 1950 he kept the house. In 1954 he married his third and last wife, Eden Hartford, and they lived here until 1957, before moving to a new home.
      • 1083 North Hillcrest Road - Beverly Hills, 1957-1977
        In 1957 Groucho and Eden moved here. When they divorced in 1970, he kept the house and continued living here until his death. He died here in 1977.
        (image at Hollywood Historic Photos) (Google Maps)
      • 9021 Melrose Avenue - West Hollywood, Suite 202, 1960s-1970s: Office Site
      • 9039 Vista Grande Street - West Hollywood, 1974: Office Site, run By Erin Fleming
    • Gummo
      • 601 North Beverly Drive - Beverly Hills
    • Zeppo Marx
      • Havenhurst Drive - Beverly Hills, 1930s: He lived in an apartment where he was robbed twice.
      • 937 North Bedford Drive - Beverly Hills
      • Devonshire Street - Northridge, 1940s
        His ranch was connected to Barbara Stanwyck's ranch. They started breeding horses and called their ranch "Marwyck".
      • 524 North Beverly Drive - Beverly Hills, 1953
    • Margaret Dumont
      • 121 S. Mansfield Avenue - Los Angeles
        She lived here from the 1940s to her death.
  6. Palm Springs/Rancho Mirage
    • Harpo and Susan Marx
      71-111 La Paz Road, "El Rancho Harpo": Harpo was living here until his death on September 28, 1964 (Google Maps)
      37-962 Da Vall: at the Tamarisk Country Club
      37-631 Palm View Drive
      Susan Marx is listed as the original owner of this house which was built in 1970.
    • Groucho
      1416 N. Palm Canyon, Located in the Old Las Palms area: It was built in 1938 by cowboy actor, Hoot Gibson.
      37-982 Da Vall at the Tamarisk Country Club
      36-928 Pinto Palm Way at the Tamarisk Country Club.
      Barbara Marx purchased this house after her divorce from Zeppo Marx. The house remained in her name after her marriage to Frank Sinatra.(Google Maps)
    • Gummo
      Da Vall Drive: Gummo's first home in Palm Springs
      37-661 Golf Circle: at the Tamarisk Country Club
      37-130 Palm View Drive (now Palm View Road).
      Gummo's House
      Architect Val Powelson designed this one-story residence in 1957. The rear elevation faces the 3rd fairway of the Tamarisk Country Club golf course. Gummo's son, Robert, was a contractor in partnership with Powelson, who together formed the Marval Construction Company. (Google Maps)
    • Zeppo
      37-791 Halper Lake Drive: at the Tamarisk Country Club (car registration document from 1967 shows 50-791)
      He also had another home in Palm Springs, but the address is unknown.
    • Tamarisk Country Club
      Tamarisk Country Club opened 1952 on the former Harry Taylor ranch, purchased from San Francisco real estate and theater magnate Joseph Blumenfeld. Incorporated in 1951 by a group of 65 investors, including Hollywood notables Jack Benny, George Burns, Danny Kaye, Sol Lessor, and the Marx Brothers, Tamarisk attracted many members from the Hillcrest Country Club in Los Angeles. Gummo was one of the founders, signing the original 1951 incorporation document with Lou Halper and Joseph Blumenfeld. It offered home sites along the fairways as a means of financing club improvements. In the grounds is a Marx Road (Google Maps).
      Marx Road
      (Thank you to David for providing the picture)
  7. Marx Related Addresses
    • The Marx Brothers owned several homes where they lived at from time to time, such as:
      • 9437 Santa Monica Blvd - Beverly Hills
      • 1150 S. Beverly Drive - Beverly Hills, 1950s: Marx Brothers Office Site
    • Gloversville, New York: Harpo and Seymour Mintz landed in jail here.
    • Neshobe Island, Lake Bomoseen, Vermont: Harpo spent much time here with Alexander Woolcoot
    • Grauman's Chinese Theater, 6925 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA
      graumans graumans
      (Images from "Marxorama" and "Groucho Slept here")
    • 6821 Hollywood Blvd.: Groucho's Star on the Walk of Fame for his work on Radio
      groucho star
      (image used by kind permission of Andy Lopusnak)
    • 1734 Vine Street: Groucho's Star on the Walk of Fame for his work on TV
  8. Marx Grave Locations
    • Minnie Marx and Sam Marx: Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Section 2, Block 1000, Lot 373, Glendale, Queens County, New York
    • Manfred Marx is buried next to Minnie's mother, Fanny Schönberg: Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings County, NY
    • Chico Marx: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA. Freedom Mausoleum - Sanctuary of Worship. (His crypt is at the very top)
      (Image at
    • Harpo Marx: Cremated at Hollywood Forever and his ashes were allegedly sprinkled into the sand trap at the seventh hole of the Rancho Mirage golf course
    • Gummo Marx: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA. Freedom Mausoleum - Sanctuary of Brotherhood (Across the hall from Chico)
      (Image at
    • Groucho Marx: Eden Memorial Park, Mission Hills, CA. His ashes are in a columbarium near the office.
      (Image at
    • Zeppo Marx: Cremated and scattered
    • Eden Hartford Marx, Groucho's last wife: Westwood Memorial Park - Westwood, Ca.
    • Mary D. Marx (1916-2002), Chico's last wife: Pacific View Memorial Park, Corona Del Mar, Orange County, CA. Magnolia Court, 939, Space 5
    • Margaret Dumont: Chapel Of The Pines Crematorium - Los Angeles. Private Vaultage
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