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Frank M. Bland writes:

This list was made possible by the generosity of Jay Hopkins. In addition to being a great fan and follower of the Marxes over the years, Jay was at one time the editor/publisher of "Re:Marx -- The Official Magazine of the Marx Brotherhood." More recently, Jay wrote a piece about the Marxes called "Brotherly Love" for the October 1995 issue of "Remember" magazine. Jay and his associates (listed below) went to a great deal of trouble to compile this list for edification and enjoyment of readers of "Re:Marx." The only credit I can take is in having transcribed the list from a photocopy of the issue in which it originally appeared. To that end, I invite all readers to point out any typos to me. There are a hell of a lot of names here, and even more creative ways of spelling them, so I'm sure I goofed a few times.

I would like to thank Jay Hopkins for allowing me to post the list, and to thank all others involved for making the whole thing possible.

Credits (from "Re:Marx"):

Editor: Jay Hopkins
Research: Jay Hopkins, Mark Petty, Kipp Wessel, Greg Roth, Jack Hawkins, Brian Westley, Lori Koch
Special Contribution: A large number of initial entries by Paul G. Wesolowski
Special Thanks: KSTP-TV, WCCO-TV, Darlene Lieblich, CBS-TV, John Tefteller, Nancy McGrath (Assistant to Dick Cavett), The Museum of Broadcasting, H. Austin Cooke (C & C Syndication), Bernie Smith, Tom Karason, TV Guide

Even though they are known almost exclusively for their film work, the Marx Brothers made a great many appearances on television from as early as 1948 (or earlier) to as recent as 1976. Their TV work was at best a pale imitation of their prime work during the early thirties. However, several of these TV appearances must remain special in their own right. Groucho was a delight when appearing on "The Dick Cavett Show," as well as other talk shows in the 1960's. And what of such moments as Groucho and Margaret Dumont's reunion on "The Hollywood Palace" in 1965, or finding all five brothers on a late-night show in 1957? Only television gave us these celebrated occasions.

Unfortunately, these gems are all but lost to us now. Groucho's 14-year quiz show is still being rebroadcast, but for the most part, films and kinescopes of these shows remain locked and isolated in network film warehouses. If they exist, it may be due more to neglect than anything else.

Hopefully, the people who own these films will preserve what they have, for it not only provides a rare look at the final work of three of our finest comedians, but serves as representations of television's own past, as well.

No similar listing of this length has ever been published before. In researching it, we had to actually read most TV Guides for these years. The eyestrain was tremendous, but the results seem to be worth it. As you read over this listing, you will find some credits identified with an (?). These are credits which need further verification. Also, we cannot pretend that this list is by any means a complete listing of Marx TV appearances, but it is the most complete available to date. If the reader has further information to share with us regarding missing TV credits, we hope (s)he will take the time to contact us...

Since "Re:Marx" is no longer in business, please drop me a note if you have anything to add. If you'd just like to browse this list, be my guest. If you have a particular year in mind, use the links below. Thanks again, Jay! Here we go...

End of Frank Bland's text

This site uses material originally created by Frank Bland for his website Why A Duck?. Frank did kindly give me permission to use this material.

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