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Groucho Marx Through The Years

This chronology, from "Groucho Marx and Other Short Stories and Tall Tales: Selected Writings of Groucho Marx," copyright © 1993 by Robert S. Bader, is reprinted here by permission of the author.

October 2, 1890 - Julius Henry Marx born, New York City

circa 1901 - leaves P.S. 86 after sixth grade, completing formal education

summer 1905 - first job in show business with the Leroy Trio

February 3, 1906 - first notice in Variety with review of singing act Lady Seville and Master Marx

April 23, 1906 - joins Gus Edwards' Postal Telegraph Boys, Alhambra Theater, New York City

August 2, 1906 - first performance of The Man of Her Choice, Colonial Theater, Annapolis, Maryland-Groucho's first dramatic role

June 24, 1907 - debut performance of Ned Weyburn's Nightingales (Groucho, Gummo and Mabel O'Donnell), Atlantic Garden, Atlantic City, New Jersey (they would soon be known as the Three Nightingales)

June 1, 1908 - Harpo becomes the fourth Nightingale, Henderson's Theater, Coney Island, New York

late 1909/early 1910 - Marx family moves to Chicago; the Four Nightingales become the Six Mascots

summer 1910 - first performances of "Fun in Hi Skule"

September 26, 1912 - Chico joins the act for the first performance of "Mr. Green's Reception," Family Theater, Lafayette, Indiana

May 15, 1914 - the Marx Brothers get their nicknames from comic Art Fisher, Galesburg, Illinois

September 7, 1914 - first performance of "Home Again," Windsor Theater, Chicago, Illinois

February 22, 1915 - the Marx Brothers appear at the Palace Theater, New York City for the first time performing "Home Again"

1918 - Gummo leaves the act and joins the army; Zeppo replaces him

1919 - Marx family moves back to New York

February 4, 1920 - Groucho marries Ruth Johnson

July 21, 1921 - Groucho and Ruth's first child, Arthur, born

1923 - first published writings begin to appear in Franklin P. Adams' New York World column "The Conning Tower"

May 19, 1924 - I'll Say She Is opens on Broadway

February 21, 1925 - first magazine piece published in Judge

April 4, 1925 - first New Yorker piece published

December 9, 1925 - The Cocoanuts opens on Broadway

May 19, 1927 - Groucho and Ruth's second child, Miriam, born

October 23, 1928 - Animal Crackers opens on Broadway

May 23, 1929 - filmed version of The Cocoanuts premieres in New York City

1929-30 - numerous essays and articles published in The New Yorker, the Saturday Evening Post, the New York Times, Collier's, College Humor and other publications

September 13, 1929 - mother Minnie Marx dies

early 1930 - Groucho collaborates with Arthur Sheekman on sketches for Max Gordon's Broadway revue, Three's a Crowd

August 25, 1930 - filmed version of Animal Crackers premieres in Chicago

September 1930 - first installment of Beds appears in College Humor

November 1930 - Beds published by Farrar & Rinehart

February 1931 - the Marx Brothers move to California

September 19, 1931 - Monkey Business released

1931-34 - essays and articles published in Redbook, the Saturday Evening Post, Variety, the New York Times, Liberty and the Hollywood Reporter

August 10, 1932 - Horse Feathers released

November 28, 1932 - first broadcast of "Flywheel, Shyster and Fly-wheel" starring Groucho and Chico on NBC radio network

May 11, 1933 - father Sam "Frenchy" Marx dies

November 22, 1933 - Duck Soup released

March 4, 1934 - first broadcast of "The Marx of Time" starring Groucho and Chico on CBS radio network

March 30, 1934 - Zeppo quits the team

October 6, 1934 - the Marx Brothers sign a contract with MGM

November 1, 1935 - A Night at the Opera released

December 1936 - The Kalmar and Ruby Songbook, featuring an essay by Groucho, published by Random House

March 27, 1937 - The King and the Chorus Girl, with a screen-play by Groucho and Norman Krasna, released

June 11, 1937 - A Day at the Races released

1937 - Groucho collaborates with Ken Englund on unproduced screenplay, "Madcap Mary Mooney"

September 21, 1938 - Room Service released

October 20, 1939 - At the Circus released

1940-48 - essays and articles published with great regularity in This Week, Variety, Liberty, Saturday Review, the Saturday Evening Post and the Hollywood Reporter

December 6, 1940 - Go West released

April 1941 - the Marx Brothers announce their breakup

June 20, 1941 - The Big Store released

January 1942 - Many Happy Returns published by Simon and Schuster

July 15, 1942 - Groucho and Ruth divorce

March 27, 1943 - Groucho's first broadcast as the star of "Pabst Blue Ribbon Town" on CBS radio network

July 21, 1945 - Groucho marries Kay Gorcey

May 10, 1946 - A Night in Casablanca released

August 14, 1946 - Groucho and Kay's daughter Melinda born

May 30, 1947 - Copacabana released

October 27, 1947 - first broadcast of "You Bet Your Life" on ABC radio network

September 27, 1948 - Time for Elizabeth, written by Norman Krasna and Groucho, opens on Broadway

April 1949 - Groucho wins Peabody Award as radio's best entertainer

March 30, 1950 - Love Happy released

May 12, 1950 - Groucho and Kay divorce

July 17, 1950 - Groucho's television debut on CBS's "Popsicle Parade of Stars"

October 5,1950 - first television broadcast of "You Bet Your Life" on NBC

December 20, 1950 - Mr. Music released

January 23, 1951 - Groucho wins Emmy Award as most outstanding television personality of 1950

December 24, 1951 - Double Dynamite released

January 23, 1952 - A Girl in Every Port released

October 1952 - Hooray for Captain Spaulding and Other Songs by Harry Ruby and Bert Kalmar Sung by Groucho Marx LP released by Decca Records

July 17, 1954 - Groucho marries Eden Hartford

July 26, 1957 - Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? released

October 8, 1957 - The Story of Mankind released

March 1958 - Groucho collaborates with Robert Dwan and Hal Kanter on the unproduced television script "Groucho on Laughter"

March 8, 1959 - Groucho, Harpo and Chico give their final performance together on the "GE Theater" in "The Incredible Jewel Robbery" on CBS television network (Groucho's appearance is an unbilled walk-on)

September 1959 - Groucho and Me published by Bernard Geis Associates

September 21, 1961 - final broadcast of "You Bet Your Life" on NBC

October 11, 1961 - Chico dies

January 11, 1962 - premiere of "Tell It to Groucho" on CBS television network

October 1963 - Memoirs of a Mangy Lover published by Bernard Geis Associates

April 24, 1964 - Groucho stars in the televised version of Time for Elizabeth on "The Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre" on NBC

September 28, 1964 - Harpo dies

June 1965 - premiere of "Groucho" (British version of "You Bet Your Life") on BBC

October 1965 - The Library of Congress requests the donation of Groucho's letters and personal papers

February 1967 - The Groucho Letters published by Simon and Schuster

December 19, 1968 - Skidoo released

December 4, 1969 - Groucho and Eden divorce

fall 1971 - Why A Duck?, a book of photos and dialogue from Marx Brothers films, published by Darien House with an introduction by Groucho

May 6, 1972 - Groucho's one-man show at Carnegie Hall, New York City

October 1973 - Richard J. Anobile's interviews with Groucho published as The Marx Brothers Scrapbook by Darien House

April 2, 1974 - Groucho receives a special Academy Award

May 23, 1974 - Animal Crackers re-released after more than thirty years of legal difficulties prevented it from being shown

March 1976 - The Secret Word Is Groucho, written in collaboration with Hector Arce, published by G. P. Putnam and Sons

April 1976 - Beds finally gets a second printing after forty-six years; Groucho writes a new introduction for the edition published by Bobbs-Merrill

November 1976 - The Groucho Phile: An Illustrated Life published by Bobbs-Merrill

January 16, 1977 - The Four Marx Brothers are inducted into the Motion Picture Hail of Fame; Groucho and Zeppo appear at the ceremony at Hollywood's Wilshire Hyatt House hotel; it is Groucho's final public appearance

April 21, 1977 - Gummo dies

August 19, 1977 - Groucho dies

January 1979 - Hector Arce's authorized biography, Groucho, published by Putnam

November 29, 1979 - Zeppo dies

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