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Radio Guide — Dec. 11-17, 1932

The RealAudio files presented here are lengthier segments of Marx Brothers or related films or broadcasts.

Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel

This program featured Groucho and Chico and aired in the Monday evening slot of the NBC radio program, Five Star Theater, presented by the Standard Oil Company in 1932 and 1933. This was the first important radio series starring any of the Marx Brothers, and the only fully-realized Groucho/Chico vehicle (although they recorded a pilot for The Marx Brothers Show some years later, it never went into production). For many years it was believed that nothing was left of these shows. They were broadcast live and, though recorded on transcription disks, they were thought not to have been saved.

It wasn't until 1988 that any real evidence of these shows was unearthed, when several scripts (all but one episode) were discovered at The Library of Congress and subsequently published by Pantheon Books. And as recently as 1996, it was still believed that no actual recordings of these shows survived. Well, we were all wrong, and here's proof. Here are three excerpts from this series (including one complete program) in glittering RealAudio.

Mad, Mad Comedians

Groucho supplies his voice in an animated version of The Napolean Scene from I'll Say She Is (featuring the voice talents of Paul Frees). — 5 min., 21 sec.

The New Bill Cosby Show

Groucho appeared on The New Bill Cosby Show on February 19, 1973, with Erin Fleming. In this clip, Bill quizes Groucho on current issues and Groucho sings, "Oh, How That Woman Could Cook." — 14 min., 6 sec.

Music Scene

Sometime in 1970 (exact date unknown) Groucho appeared with host David Steinberg on the short-lived ABC program, Music Scene. In this segment, Groucho talks about his relationship with Margaret Dumont, we hear John Sebastian performing "Rainbows All Over Your Blues," Groucho (accompanied by Steinberg on guitar) sings "Fathers Day," and finally becomes hilariously confused by the names of the other guests, (i.e., Bo Diddley, Buffy Saint-Marie, etc.). — 15 min., 45 sec.

Steve Allen

Groucho appered with Maureen Arthur on Steve Allen sometime in 1970. Groucho plugs Marian Spitzer's book about The Palace Theater, recalls the vaudeville years, tells stories about such luminaries as Duffy and Sweeney, and fields a host of bizarre (and sometimes insulting) questions from the audience. — 31 min., 25 sec.

Dick Cavett

On March 25, 1970, Groucho made one of many appearances on Dick Cavett. Here, Groucho tells a couple of stories about his run-ins with officers of the law, and sings "Show Me A Rose." Groucho also introduces Phyllis Newman (actress, singer, and wife of Adolph Green) in a rather insulting way. — 20 min., 26 sec.

Monitor '63

On October 6, 1963, this NBC program paid tribute to Groucho with a one-hour program featuring songs, stories, and birthday greetings. Presented below are two cobbled-together excerpts from this program.

Movie Trailers

The practice of producing theatrical "trailers" to promote a motion picture is familiar to most folks. In the 1930's and 1940's studios also produced trailers for radio broadcast. These trailers were usually between 10 and 15 minutes in length and were aimed at getting people to see a particular movie by giving a preview of songs and scenes.

The Circle

The last regular radio series to feature Groucho and Chico ran for 25 weeks beginning in November 1939. Called The Circle, this was "a supposed club comprised of celebrities, their activities ranging from songs and jokes to comparitively serious debate. Among its 'members' at various times were Ronald Colman, Carole Lombard, Cary Grant, Lawrence Tibbett, Madeline Carroll, and guests such as Noel Coward and Alexander Woollcott." (Glenn Mitchell, The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia, 1996).

The Hollywood Palace

On April 17, 1965, Groucho appeared with his daughter Melinda and Margaret Dumont on The Hollywood Palace. Here are a couple of clips from that broadcast.

The Jackie Gleason Show

Groucho appeared on the Gleason show on October 14, 1967 to plug his new book, The Groucho Letters. Here's what happened...

Blue Ribbon Town

Groucho hosted Pabst's Blue Ribbon Town for 63 consecutive weeks in 1943/44, following the familiar comedy/variety format as Groucho and the show's regulars entertained guests in this quaint, fictional community. These files require RealAudio® 2.0 player and a 14.4 Kbps or higher connection.

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